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Ive been in a car accident…now what?

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I was recently involved in a car accident. I was having one of those really bad days which was capped off by the rear-end collision. After the accident, I had to think about what I had previously counseled clients to do if ever involved in a wreck. After the wreck, I was shocked and made sure I took a minute to assess things before I started acting. First, I checked on my passenger to make sure they were ok. Next, I asked the passenger to call the police. I then went and checked on the other driver. She had already gotten out of the vehicle expressing her apologies and how her flip flop had gotten caught in the floor board. She gave me her driver's license and insurance card so I could take down the information. She apologized and said, it was her fault but had all the information I should need. The thought actually crossed my mind not to call the police to make a record. I have strongly advised my clients against ever doing this yet I was thinking of doing it myself. I looked closely at the insurance card, it was expired. Thankfully she had a different card that was not expired. I decided no matter how much she apologized and expressed her sorrow for hitting me, I decided to take my own advice and have the police make the record. Yes, it took longer and was more of a hassle, but I now had a record, she had a ticket citing her for the improper speed and hitting me from behind. The police report had not mention of the flip flop debacle, thankfully I chose to have the report made.

After leaving the scene and getting back to work, the next thing I did was to get the claim opened with her insurance. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured in the wreck, at the time it appeared we just had some whiplash and neck and back issues. I then made an appointment with my doctor due to the pain I was having and knew it would be much worse on day 2. I did receive a good piece of advice that I should take Motrin that night to help with the swelling and pain. I did so and I think it helped reduce the development of pain. I ended up hurting for a few weeks but could have been much worse. My claim is still pending but the one thing I am very happy about is I decided to take my own advise by having a report made, seeking medical attention immediately when the pain arose, and documenting my time away from work.